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Fix Plastic Tanks Including Tanks Made From HDPE!


Mr. Sticky's Poly Tank Repair Kit includes Mr. Sticky’s Poly-Bonder which is:

Non - Drip: Mr. Sticky's Poly-Bonder is perfect for repairs on vertical surfaces!

Rubberized: Mr. Sticky's Poly-Bonder resists shrinkage, expansion, bending, vibration, shock and fatigue!

Bond Hard to Glue Plastics: Our Poly-Bonder is the only glue that will bond to HDPE.

Paintable and Sandable: You can sand and paint Mr. Sticky's to match the contours of your project and paint to match colors for a seamless repair!

Apply in wet or dry conditions: In or around water, on your patio, or in your house, Mr. Sticky's Poly-Bonder will bond most of any material in any conditions! 


Included in the repair kit are:

1 30gr Poly-Bonder Manual Mix Syringe

3 4”x4” fiberglass reinforced vinyl patches to repair large holes and cracks on items such as spa shells and spa covers. Unlike mist vinyl patches, the patches provided in this kit are premium quality thick vinyl patches that will stand up to years of abuse!

3 2”x2” 60 grit, cloth backed sandpaper to roughen up bonding surfaces to increase the surface area of the item(s) to be bonded. Cloth backed to ensure that the sandpaper will not fall apart while in use, even underwater!

3 denatured alcohol swabs to clean the bonding surfaces from grease, oil, and particulates.

3 12”x12” UltraWax release sheets to create a smooth, finished surface to any glue that is exposed from the bonding surfaces.

3 mixing cups and mixing sticks are included to mix the epoxy and apply where needed


Use Mr. Sticky's Poly-Tank Repair Kit for hundreds of applications including but not limited to:


  • Through Fittings        
  • Drain Covers         
  • Plumbing Leaks
  • Pump Housings
  • Tank Leaks
  • Tank Cracks
  • Pin Hole Leaks
  • Filters
  • and much, much more!

 COLOR WHITE: Working time is 15-30 minutes, handling time 1-2 hours and cure time 24 hours. Can be applied above or below water.


All of Mr. Sticky's Premium Adhesives are manufactured in the U.S.A. using the highest quality ISO Standards!

 *To bond HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) please see our flame treating tutorial video. Mr. Sticky's recommends flame treating HDPE to ensure the strongest bond (up to 2000 psi shear strength).

** Mr. Sticky's Poly-Bonder has not been tested with potable water.


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2 Reviews

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    Repair two inches vertical crack for poly tank

    Posted by taifook chia on 23rd Jul 2016

    My first attempt failed because the vinyl patch was pressed too hard against the curve wall of the tank while trying to make the patch to conform with the wall curvature resulting bonding glue being squeeze out and too thin to have good bonding. In the second attempt the patch was preformed to tank wall profile with hot air blower and liberal amount of bonding glue was used to reduce the bending of vinyl patch. Two 3 mm dia holes was drilled at both ends of the crack to release stress and hopefully prevent further propagation of the crack. So far the repair has been holding well for three weeks. With best regards Taifook Chia PS. Sported a small mistake in your instruction leaflet .ie (3) 8"x8" reinforced vinyl patches should be 4"x4"

  • 5
    great product - works really well

    Posted by David Katz on 21st Jul 2016

    I used the poly tank repair kit to repair a difficult crack in a 6500 gal poly water tank. It worked great, adhesion was very good, and the follow up technical assistance from Mr. Sticky was very helpful. I would definitely use it again for any type of difficult repair on a plastic tank or system. It was a relief to find the product - it saved me a lot of money.

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