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500,000+ Successful Customer Repairs in 35 Countries

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Here are just a few reasons why we believe you should give us try:
  • Structural Bonds to the most materials of any adhesive.
  • Sticks above or below water!
  • PERSONAL Customer Service by phone (1-916-961-4700) or email
  • Easy to use, even on difficult projects
  • Non-Drip with plenty of working time.
  • Paintable, Sandable, Flexible
  • Value for your $: Use less than the tube and the remainder will be good for a year or more!

What Customers Are Saying About Us:

  • I needed some type of water proof adhesive to keep the snare legs secure on the bait box, yet have a slight flexibility to it. It works great, even in saltwater! This product doesn't deteriorate like typical epoxy would. - R. Burr
  • I discovered Mr.Sticky's Underwater Glue a few years ago, by accident. Since then I've bought around 20 tubes and have used it successfully on almost everything imaginable. Originally, I pretty much used it as a last resort, when other glues didn't work. But, I soon discovered that it worked on everything that I have experimented with so far! Instead of a last resort, it quickly became my number one choice for almost all repairs. - Robert
  •  I don't think I let you know how impressed with your Underwater Glue I Was. The leak in my aquarium is fixed, and the trick with the wax paper is genius. If the fish could write, I know they'd thank you, too. - Need Name
  • It worked GREAT!  No leak at all even at full suction. I am an Engineer for a large aerospace company and I know adhesive materials. I am very impressed with this stuff for underwater pool repairs. - Dante