In-Ground Pool Repair Kit

Mr. Sticky’s In-Ground Pool Repair Kit (Manual Mix)

Replace Tile Underwater, Grout, Fix Plaster Cracks, Filter holes, Tank leaks, Pumps, Plumbing



1. Clean bond area with Denatured Alcohol Swipe, roughen with 60 grit sandpaper, clean again with Swipe.

2.Cut the glue syringe at the groove 7/16” from the tip. Remove cap located in the blue plunger to allow plunger to push into syringe.

3. Depress blue plunger causing desired amount of glue to dispense, mix 2 parts equally to a consistent color for at least 2 minutes.

4. Apply glue to both parts, press joint together leaving some glue in the joint.

5. At 70˙F the working time=30 Min, Handling strength=4 Hrs, Full Cure=24 Hrs.

6. To remove uncured glue let it cure until just after it is no longer liquid, then cut and strip off. Once glue is fully cured it is very difficult to remove.  Warmer temperatures shorten cure time, lower temps lengthen cure time.

Plaster Crack and Tank Hole Repair:

Cut a piece of UltraWax Relief Sheet 2” longer and 2” wider than the crack or hole. Apply mixed glue to the center of the sheet. Place the sheet over the crack or hole. Apply pressure from the non-glue side of the sheetr to force glue into crack or hole or to feather the glue around it. Remove UltraWax Relief Sheet after the glue is cured.

Pool Pump, Pipe or Cracked Fitting Repair:

Turn off pressure in pipe. Cut one of the supplied patches to the proper size to fit around a leaking pipe. Clean the patch with a Denatured Alcohol Swipe, roughen with 60 grit sandpaper and clean with Swipe again. Apply glue to the patch and pipe, wrap patch around pipe. Hold patch in place with duct tape (not supplied). Remove tape after curing.

Replace Tile Underwater:

Clean the dry tile above water using Denatured Alcohol Swipe. Adhere the end of a piece of long duct tape to the non-glued face of the tile. Tie the tape to a heavy object above water to support the tile vertically when lowered into the pool. Apply glue to the tile and work into the tile pores. Apply more glue to the wall where the tile will be replaced. Be sure that the wall is clean and rougened with the sandpaper. Stick the tile back onto the wall and adjust the duct tape to hold it vertically while curing. Remove tape after cure.

Replace Grout Underwater:

Cut a piece of UltraWax Relief Sheet 2” wide and 2“ longer than the grout line to be applied. Put mixed glue into the ziploc bag. Cut a corner off of the bag so that it will dispense the width of grout line needed. Squeeze the glue out of the bag and into the grout line. After the glue cures a little, rub, rub matching grout onto it to give a grout appearance. Place the UltraWax sheet over the grout line. Apply pressure on the sheet to shape it. Remove UltraWax Relief Sheet after the glue is cured. For large grout jobs use the Auto-Mix Kit which dispenses a 3/16” bead 12’ long.

Includes: 30gr Underwater Glue (1), Denatured Alcohol Swipes (3) Mixing Cups (3), Mixing Sticks (3), 4” x 4”  Reinforced Vinyl Patches (3), UltraWax 12” x 12” Release Sheets (3), 60 grit sandpaper (3), application bag (1) Instructions (1)

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