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AAI manufactures and distributes Adhesives and Sealants, U.S. Small business Mfr. of ISO grade Mr. Sticky's Adhesives Worldwide.

Certified Distributor of ND Adhesives, Threadlockers & Sealants for GSA. Contact AAI for technical assistance or testing of optimal

products for your job.

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We provide locking, sealing, lubrication and adhesion products at a cost savings of up to 40% compared to leading brands


Anaerobic threadlockers - Lock and seal threaded fasteners.

Types: Low Strength, Medium Strength, Oil Tolerant, High Strength, Permanent Strength

Sizes: 2ml Bullet Tube, 10ml Bottle, 50ml Bottle, 1 L Jug


VC-3 Thread Mate -  Non-traditional threadlocker. Adjustable; Removable; Reusable.

Prevents loosening of fasteners from shock and vibration.

Sizes: 1mL Pillow Pack, 5mL Tube, 30mL Bottle w/Brush Cap Adapter, 250mL Can w/Spout


Thread Sealants - Seal and secure metal pipes and fittings.

Types: Controlled Strength, High Strength, Impact Resistant, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Refrigerant, General Purpose

Sizes: 50mL Tube, 250mL Tube, 50mL Bottle, 250mL Bottle, 1L Jug 


Retaining Compounds -  Increase shear strength on non-threaded, cylindrical metal assemblies

Types: General Purpose, High Strength, Impact Resistant, Rapid Curing, Core Plug Sealant, High Temp

Liquid Gasketing - Form-in-place gasket for close fitting, rigid, metal flanges.

Types: Flexible; High Temperature Rigid Flange

Sizes: 50mL Tube, 250mL Tube, 300mL Cartridge 


Anti-Sieze Compounds - Prevents siezing, galling and cold welding

Reduces excessive wear on threads, gears, cables, chains and sprockets, Protects vs. corrosion

Types: Aluminum, Copper, and Graphite; Copper and Graphite. Nickel and Graphite

Sizes: 2mL Bullet Tube, 4oz Jar w/Brush Applicator, 8oz Jar w/Brush Applicator, 16oz Jar w/Brush Applicator. 


Cyanoacrylates (Super Glues) - Single-part, quick fixturing, clear adhesives

Types: Multi-Purpose, Wicking Grade, Metal Bonder, Plastic Bonder, Shockl Resistant, Rubber Toughened

Sizes: 2mL Bullet Tube, 20gm Tube, 20gr Bottle, 1 oz Bottle, 1 lb Bottle


Light Cure Adhesives - Single-Part Acrylates that cure when exposed to UV Light.

Types: Flexible; High Temperature, Rigid Flange

Sizes: 50mL Tube, 250mL Tube, 300mL Cartridge 


foil-pak.png cut.png mix-and-apply.png

All purpose 5 gr toughened foil pak: Cut Mix & Apply. All Purpose Industrial US ISO grade flexible epoxy

Gap filling, Non-drip, Paintable, Sandable. Resists Vibration and Bending. Apply to Wet or Dry surfaces.

manual-mix.png auto-mix.png dispensing-gun.png

 Mr. Sticky's Underwater Glue and Poly-Bonder are available in Manual or Auto-Mix Dispensers. The

Underwater Glue is sticky underwater, Poly-Bonder adheres to HDPE, PE, PP, PVC, and other plastics

repair-kit-mm.png auto-repair-kit.png pro-repair-kit.png

Mr. Sticky's Underwater Glue and Poly-Bonder are available in Manual or Auto-Mix Kits. Kits include

3pcs 4x4 Reinforced Vinyl Patches, UltraWax release sheets, sandpaper, alcohol wipes, cups & mixers