Bond challenging plastics and more with Mr. Sticky’s HDPE Poly-Bonder Glue

HDPE is an example of a poly-olefin plastic that is designed to resist bonding so that the HDPE remains clean. Because it is intended to be difficult to bond one must use an adhesive and technique that has special properties to achieve successful bonds. This special formulation, manufactured in the USA in ISO-grade factories (ISO is the highest manufacturing standard worldwide) outperforms most adhesives in bonding to plastics.

Most adhesives will fail to bond to the poly-olefins (Poly’s) including HDPE (high density polyethylene), LDPE (low density polyethylene), UHMY (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene), PP (polypropylene) and PU (poly-urethane). Poly-Bonder successfully bonds to all of the above. In addition to these bonds, Poly-Bonder can also bond very successfully with PVC, Wood, Metal, Glass, Rubber, Lexan, ABS, Fiberglass, Ceramics and a wide range of other products. Now one can bond the Poly’s to other materials up to 2,000 PSI tensile strength.

One essential breakthrough in the formulation of Poly-Bonder is the inclusion of rubber. This allows the cured adhesive to stretch 108%. Most epoxies are very brittle and can only stretch 1-4%. The ability to stretch imparts resistance to Vibration, Shrinkage/Expansion, Dis-similar Material bonding, Bending and Shock! These bond stressors normally cause an epoxy bond to fail bonding to plastics, as they tend to react strongly to changes in temperature and have a high coefficient of expansion.

Poly-Bonder also has the capability to be applied to Wet or Submerged surfaces. Many materials contain moisture which significantly retards bonding. Poly-bonder is sticky underwater and repels water from bonding surfaces. Poly-Bonder is very convenient to use. During its long working time, it is designed to stay in place on vertical surfaces, making bonding setup easy! It is also Paint-able and Sand-able for a fine finished bond.

If you are looking for a heavy duty adhesive that is laboratory and field tested, and manufactured to exacting US-ISO standards, Poly-Bonder meets these requirements.

Find more detail about Properties Bulleting for Poly-Bonder.

28th May 2018

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