Above-Ground Vinyl Pool Repair Kit

GET STUCK Above-Ground Vinyl Pool Repair Kit (Manual Mix)

Repair Vinyl liner holes, Filter holes, Tank leaks, Pumps, Plumbing,



1. Clean bond area with Denatured Alcohol Swipe, roughen with 60 grit sandpaper, clean again with Swipe.

2.Cut the glue syringe at the groove 7/16” from the tip. Remove cap located in the blue plunger to allow plunger to push into syringe.

3. Depress blue plunger causing desired amount of glue to dispense, mix 2 parts equally to a consistent color for at least 2 minutes.

4. Apply glue to both parts, press joint together leaving some glue in the joint.

5. At 70˙F the working time=30 Min, Handling strength=4 Hrs, Full Cure=24 Hrs.

6. To remove uncured glue let it cure until just after it is no longer liquid, then cut and strip off. Once glue is fully cured it is very difficult to remove.  Warmer temperatures shorten cure time, lower temps lengthen cure time.

Vinyl Pool Liner Repairs while the pool is full of water.

1. Cut one of the reinforced vinyl patches to the appropriate size for your repair. The patch is recommended to be at least 2" larger in all directions than the size of the hole to be repaired.

2. Clean the patch with the denatured alcohol swab, roughen the patch with the sandpaper and clean again with the swab.

3. If possible, roughen the are of the pool liner underwater with the supplied sandpaper.

4. Following all directions and precautions on the back of the glue package, mix up enough glue to cover the patch 1/16" thick. CAUTION: Never mix more than 1/3 of the tube of glue at once because it may become very hot. Every 5 minutes or so, stir the glue until it begins to thicken, then apply it to the patch. At 70˚F the glue will begin to harden in about 30-40 minutes. At 85˚F it will take 15-20 minutes, at 100˚F it will take 7.5-10 minutes. The reason to wait until the glue starts to thicken is that you will minimize the amount of time that the water has to leak through the patch before the glue hardens sufficiently.

5.Cut an UltraWax sheet 2" wider and longer than your patch. Lay the UltraWax sheet on a flat surface. Lay the patch on top of the UltraWax sheet. Apply the glue to the patch approximately 1/16" thick.

6. Take the UltraWax sheet and patch underwater. Push the patch onto the liner using the UltraWax sheet to keep your hands isolated from the glue. You max smooth any glue that squeezes out from the patch and under the UltraWax sheet by pushin on the UltraWax sheet with your fingers. 

7. After the glue is cured, remove the UltraWax sheet and dispose.

8. Store the unused glue in a ziploc type bag and keep it in a cold environment. Cold temps will cause the glue to last longer. This glue is very useful for many applications above or below water.


Pool Pump, Pipe or Cracked Fitting Repair:

Turn off pressure in pipe. Cut one of the supplied patches to the proper size to fit around a leaking pipe. Clean the patch with a Denatured Alcohol Swipe, roughen with 60 grit sandpaper and clean with Swipe again. Apply glue to the patch and pipe, wrap patch around pipe. Hold patch in place with duct tape (not supplied). Remove tape after curing.

Includes: 30gr Underwater Glue (1), Denatured Alcohol Swipes (3) Mixing Cups (3), Mixing Sticks (3), 4” x 4”  Reinforced Vinyl Patches (3), UltraWax 12” x 12” Release Sheets (3), 60 grit sandpaper (3), application bag (1) Instructions (1)

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